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June, 28 – 19:00

Ballet Rhapsody. Gala concert of ballet soloists

Imperial Hermitage theatre

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The idea to found our company didn’t come out of the blue. Each ballet dancer has to travel a long way from his first encounter with the bar to his first appearance on the professional stage. As we meet daily in the ballet studio, we feel deeply connected with the cause that, for us, is as important and valuable as life itself. The subtle transformations that our bodies, thoughts and emotions go through, lead us to believe that through changing ourselves we can change the others, change the world. This belief in the transformational power of dance stays with us forever… Whatever we do outside the sacred circle of stage, it still catches up with us, brought in by listening to the music in the distance, watching the clouds in the sky and the shifting of the twilight shadows outside the window.

Sharing this emotional experience with the world is a complex synergetic task that can’t be achieved without the joint effort of the composer, choreographer, dancer and many others, those who forever remain in the obscurity of the wings as they clear the path for the unique, unrepeatable encounter of the dancer with the audience. The main goal, set by Arts Center Saint Michel, is to link all of the above together and thus introduce the public to the beauty of the art of dance.

Going back to the old choreography, creating ballet projects, introducing experimental dancing – all of these goals can only be achieved through impeccably coordinated teamwork. When Arts Center Saint Michel was founded, our primary concern was to make sure that we create such a team. Today we’re a group of experienced professionals who combine their unique expertise with perfect partnership skills. Besides, we work with a wide range of external professionals who have solid reputation both in Russia and abroad as performers, choreographers, musicians, stage designers etc.

We firmly believe that, with such a excellent team, it won’t take Arts Center Saint Michel too long to meet its goals in developing and promoting the art of dance.