Music by Georges Bizet


Choreography & the author of libretto: Mikhail Venshchikov

The Art conception: Vyacheslav Okunev

Costume Designer: Tatiana Koroleva

Production of the video content: Viktoriya Zlotnikova

A Word from the Choreographer

The story of Carmen seems to be a decent occasion for anyone to self-analyse the own soul, and end up with a fact that the responsibility for the feelings of others is not what is normally peculiar to a man. The love triangle is ordinary a firm basement for any classical production. The Carmen’s triangle is involving Don Jose, Toreo, and Carmen herself, however, it doesn’t let us know, which character is to be blamed in a tragic outcome.

Each character has a right to be called an innocent as one has an idea about how one should live and act. Anyway, both Don Jose, Toreo, and Carmen are being under their own stereotype’s power. They attract and repel each other simultaneously. Striving for the idealistic harmony they are dreading it terribly. Therefore, the main characters are destroying the life of each other.

For the instance, we have been avoiding all the cliche, which had surrounded the story about Carmen for the past two hundred years of the performing. We has had a strong intent to represent the conscious naivety of Don Jose rather than blind following the passion. In Toreo – an attempt of the character to overcome his masculine internality. And finally, in the main character of Carmen – the wild fear of the loneliness and recognition the neither beauty, nor faith is able to salvage. Therefore, the structure of the one-act ballet performance, which has become traditional for such choreographers as Roland Petit and Alberto Alonso, in out opinion, didn’t seem to be full-fledged. This was the way two-act ballet has been created. One more reason, which explains untraditional structure is the music by Bizet itself. We have avoided any restrictions, choosing musical pieces among all the Bizet heritage, without a full focus on the music of the opera. As a decent result of this choice new senses and colours can be easily found out in the performance. This in fact has become a truly interesting and important task.


Act I
Scene 1

Scene 2

Act II
Scene 3


Swan Lake

The Nutcracker

The Sleeping Beauty

Les Sylphides

Ballet Stars

Modern Dance